Echo Lake Campground

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Echo Lake!

Echo Lake Campground LLC

                                                                           Short Term Rules and Regulations

 These campground short term rules and regulations (“Rules and Regulations”) are for the protection of all our campers.  Your cooperation will result in a more enjoyable camping experience for everyone involved.  You shall inform members of your spouse, partner, and children and your visitors of these Rules & Regulations.  Echo Lake Campground LLC is referred to as Echo Lake and “you” and “your” refers to the person who has signed Echo Lake’s registration form. As signatory to that form, you agree to perform and comply with these Rules and Regulations.

                                                                           QUIET HOURS - 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM

Common Courtesy. Echo Lake is a family campground.   Echo Lake expects you, your spouse or partner, your children, and your visitors to treat people with respect, not engaging in disruptive behavior, such as intoxication, loud parties, unruly behavior, fighting, illegal activities, domestic disputes and the use of offensive, sexual, religious or racial language; and Echo Lake reserves the right to terminate your stay if you are found to have engaged in such conduct.  

 Children.  Throughout these Rules and Regulations, the term “your children” means children under the age of 18 who live with you and who are your children or the children of your spouse or partner, natural or whom you, your spouse or partner have legal custody by adoption or otherwise.

Car passes: You must have a car pass for your protection so that our managers will recognize when authorized vehicles are on the premises.  Car passes must be visible always hanging from your rear-view mirror.

Campground Gate:  If there is not an attendant at the gate, please make sure it is closed behind you.

Environment. You agree to use your site solely for camping.  The campground is located in a forest you agree not to disturb. No trees or brush are to be cut or used for firewood even if dead without the express consent of Echo Lake.  If you believe a tree or limb endangers your trailer, you agree to bring your concerns to the attention of Echo Lake management, who reserve the right to make their own determination in their sole discretion. While campers may bring firewood (but not pallets) to their site in their permitted vehicles, no commercial deliveries are permitted. Do not remove trees; no chain saws are allowed in the campground.  Do not take/cut firewood from other sites occupied or not.  Echo Lake has streams, mud, fallen trees and branches, steep inclines and wild animals in the forest.    Echo Lake does not allow guns, hunting or abuse to wildlife.  No camper may operate any business for the sale of goods or services in the campground.  Please exercise care and you will have a happy experience.

Your Site.  You are responsible for keeping your site neat, weeds and grass trimmed, and the exterior of your trailer neat and in good repair with safe barbeques.  No appliances such as refrigerators or garbage or trash shall be left outside. Echo Lake reserves the right to inspect all sites.

Lake, Beaches, Boats and other Facilities.   The campground sits on a beautiful lake.  Please treat it with respect.  Echo Lake takes no responsibility for damages or injuries on or in the water or beaches or in launching, docking or using boats.  Guests may not bring boats. NO night swimming is allowed.   Parents are responsible for the actions of their children, who are to be supervised at all times.  A parent must accompany small children to the pavilion, showers and restrooms.  When on a boat, your party and your visitors must wear suitable protective gear such as life vests. No shampooing or soap is permitted in the lake.  Do not drop any trash in the lake, whether from shore or while in a boat.

Fire and Fireworks.  As you know, fires are dangerous, even when confined to a fire pit or barbeque.  When you finish the evening, please make sure your fire is completely out.  No embers.  No fireworks are permitted in the campground.

Air Conditioning and Other High Electrical Usage Items. No air conditioning units are allowed in the campground.  Electrical usage is limited to 15 amps per campsite unless you have a site with 30-amp service in which event electrical service is limited to 30 amps per campsite.

Campsite and Refunds.   Your campsite fee includes only two adults and two children under the age of 18.  No pets are permitted except in accordance with duly executed Echo Lake Pet Policies. Subletting of equipment and/or site space by campers is not allowed.  Do not nail anything to the trees.  Use precut firewood only.  No pallets are permitted. No wood cutting is permitted within the campground.  Washing of vehicles or any outdoor activities that result in chemicals being leeched into the ground or lake is prohibited, and your site must be clean. There will be no refunds.  Parking is limited to your own site. Do not use empty sites for any purpose.

Vehicles and Trailers.  THE SPEED LIMIT IN THE CAMPGROUND IS FIVE (5) MPH.  No golf carts (except with proof of satisfactory insurance, governmental handicap sticker and doctor’s note of need) or motor scooters are permitted.  Motorcycles, trail bikes, and the like are to be operated only for transportation in and out of the campground.  No driving is permitted on the field.

Trash and Waste Disposal.  A dumpster is provided for normal garbage generated at the campground, and no outside trash is to be brought in to the campground.  Absolutely no furniture, mattresses or other large items are to be discarded in the dumpsters. The dumpsters are monitored by video camera. Each camper is responsible for proper trash and waste disposal. If your site does not have functioning septic facilities, you must dispose of all human waste at the dumping station maintained for that purpose.

Visitors and Hours.  All visitors are required to stop, register, and pay the visitor fee at the office before entering the campground.  No visitors will be allowed to visit after 8:00 PM.  You are responsible to assure that all of your visitors comply with these Rules and Regulations.  Any violation of the rules by your visitors, including failure to pay any applicable charge when due (i) will permit Echo Lake to terminate visitor’s right to use the site, and (ii) may in the sole discretion of Echo Lake, subject you to immediate termination without notice or refund.  If Echo Lake asks your visitor to leave the campground, you will see that person leaves, without argument.

Dogs.  No Dogs are allowed except in compliance with a duly executed copy of Echo Lakes Campground Pet Policies. 

Limitations of Liability and Your Responsibilities. You agree that Echo Lake and its owners, managers and employees are not responsible for loss, damage, vandalism or theft of your motor home, trailer, boat, vehicle or other personal possessions.  You further agree to relieve Echo Lake and its owners, managers and employees of any liability for “Acts of God” and public authorities, including without limitation, damage from fallen trees and limbs.  You agree that you will indemnify and hold harmless Echo Lake and its owners, managers and employees from (i) any claims for personal injuries to you, your spouse or partner, your children and your visitors and (ii) any claims for the loss or damage to the property of you, your spouse or partner, your children and your visitors.    IN PARTICULAR, BUT WITHOUT LIMITATION, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ECHO LAKE PROVIDES A LIFEGUARD IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION AND YOU ASSUME ALL RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY AND DAMAGES TO YOU, YOUR SPOUSE OR PARTNER, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR GUESTS ARISING FROM SWIMMING, BOATING AND OTHER USE OF THE ADJACENT LAKE.