Echo Lake Campground

Complete camping facilities on beautiful

Echo Lake!


We welcome well behaved dogs provided you observe the following:

Dogs must be under 40 lbs.  An additional fee of $10 per night - 1 dog per site.

Dogs must be well behaved, not aggressive and not have a propensity to bark. If a spell of barking occurs, you must immediately place the dog in your RV or trailer and quiet the dog so that the dog becomes quiet and barking spells do not re-occur, Dogs must not disturb other campers or campground wildlife. Pure and mixed breed Pit Bulls and Rottweilers and dogs with illness or infection are not allowed; and we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to bar other dogs we deem undesirable.

While outside of your trailer or camper, the dog must be attended by you and kept under your control on a leash no longer than 6 feet.  You must immediately clean up any “poop”.

No dogs are allowed in the bath house, pavilion or swimming areas.

Your dog must always wear a tag issued by Echo Lake.

If you violate any of these policies, Echo Lake reserves its right to expel you from the campground without refund.

In the box below, please describe your pet’s breed (if mixed, your best knowledge as to the mix) approximate weight and his or her name.



            Upon entering the campground, a current license information and a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate must be submitted to the office. 

Place of License issuance and License Number ________________.

Expiration Date_____________.

Place of Rabies Vaccination and Number _____________.

Date of Expiration ____________________.

You affirm that you will abide by our policies set forth above and that the information set forth herein is accurate. You hereby certify and affirm that the above referenced pet is properly and currently registered, licensed and rabies vaccinated according to the laws and regulations of your State of residency and, in the case of Rabies vaccination, the State of Rhode Island.

Signature: _________________    Print Name:  _______________________paragraph here.